AvailableWhen? is a simple web service for freelancers to let people know when they’re available for work. It also allows potential employers to track users & get notified when they’re free for work.

Q1 2014



The branding was to be clean and simple, to reflect the nature of the site. The logo is intended to be a switch, indicating the simplicity of users being able to toggle when they’re available.

I created two styles of logo: a wider version to go in headers & allow for a tagline; and a square version which was better suited for social networking profiles.

Landing Page

We prioritised converting employees over employers in what was somewhat of a chicken-and-the-egg scenario. I hoped that by trying to attract more employees (which was an easier sell), it would in turn attract more companies to join. We went for a bold yellow for our call to action after a few revisions.


The profile is intended to be a simple way for people to publicly share their availability, as well as a way for the service to convert new users.

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